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Jordi Voltas Velasco

Full Professor
University of Lleida
Department of Crop and Forest Sciences

+34 973 702855(Telephone)
+34 973 238264(Fax)
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Office:Edifici Principal A, despatx 0.12.2

Academic background

PhD, University of Lleida, 1998
M.S. Technical University of Catalonia, 1992
B.S. Technical University of Catalonia, 1989

Professional experience

· 1996 - 2000. Assistant Professor, University of Lleida, Department of Crop Production and Forest Science
· · 2000 – Present. Associate Professor, University of Lleida, Department of Crop Production and Forest Science


· My research interest focuses on the study of plant ecophysiology in Mediterranean conditions. In particular, I am interested on the assessment of potentially valuable traits for physiological breeding relevant to both agronomic and forest tree species. As an extension to this approach, I am also involved in the investigation of proper frameworks for the integration of physiological and environmental information in statistical models aimed at a better characterisation of the phenomenon known as genotype by environment interaction. Some of these models are now being applied to the characterisation of gene by environment interactions by using information derived from molecular marker data. At the ecophysiology level, special interest concerns the application of stable isotopes (13C, 18O) in plant ecology, physiology and breeding in species such as small grain cereals, Mediterranean hardwoods (Quercus sp., Pistacia sp.) and conifers (Pinus halepensis). The information obtained allows relating the isotopic signatures to climatic parameters such as precipitation, vapour pressure deficit and temperature regime that, in addition to the intrinsic interest of understanding the relation between plants and the environment, can be used as the basis for palaeoenvironmental inference. In this context, I am involved, together with colleagues of our Department and of other Universities and Institutions, in the applicability of stable isotopes in studies of climatic reconstruction using the information included in fossil plant remains gathered in archaeological sites. These studies are being carried out in the Iberian Peninsula and the Fertile Crescent region (Syria and Turkey) in order to assess the environmental and agricultural conditions prevailing at the beginning of Agriculture in the Old World.


· · 71046, Forest Nurseries, with J. Pemán; (4.5 credits), 2nd semester
· · 73351, Forest Production, including Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding, with A. Aunós and L. Serrano; (18 credits), 2nd semester
· · 92579, Experimental Design and Data Analysis, with R. Blanco, L. Torres and I. Romagosa; (6 credits), 2nd semester
· · 92315, Instrumentation in Ecophysiology, with J. Costa, J. Lampurlanés, F. Santiveri and L. Serrano; (5 credits), 2nd semester

Recent publications

· Aguilera M., Ferrio J.P., Pérez G., Araus J.L., Voltas J.  2011. Holocene changes in precipitation seasonality in the western Mediterranean Basin: a multi-species approach using d13C of archaeobotanical remains. Journal of Quaternary Science  DOI: 10.1002/jqs.1533

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