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Juan Pedro Ferrio Díaz

“Ramón y Cajal” Researcher
University of Lleida
Department of Crop and Forest Sciences

+34 34 973 706494 (Telephone)
+34 34 973 238264 (Fax)
Personal web page: http://web.udl.es/usuaris/x3845331/index.htm
Office:Main Building A, Office 2.03

Professional experience

· 1998 - 2000. Technical Assistant, Unit of Plant Physiology (University of Barcelona)
· · 2001 -2004 PhD Fellowship from the Government of Catalonia (University of Lleida)
· · 2005 -2006 Research Assistant (University of Lleida)
· · 2006 -2007 “Beatriu de Pinós” Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Freiburg)
· · 2008 -2009 “Marie Curie IEF” Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Freiburg)
· · 2009 - “Ramón y Cajal” Researcher (University of Lleida)


· Currently, my main research focus is the use of stable isotopes (carbon and oxygen) as integrative measures for plant water use and water use efficiency. This involves 1) basic research to improve the understanding of the underlying mechanisms determining stable isotope composition in plants and their relationship with physiological processes (Kodama et al. 2008, Gessler et al. 2009, Ferrio et al. 2009), and 2) applied research to develop applications of stable isotopes to assess genetic and environmental variability in water relations of cereal crops and Mediterranean tree species (Ferrio et al. 2003, 2007, Ferrio and Voltas 2005, Tambussi et al 2005, Voltas et al. 2009).

Recent publications

· Kodama N., Ferrio J.P., Brueggemann N., Gessler A. 2011. Short-term dynamics of the carbon isotope composition of CO2 emitted from a wheat agroecosystem - physiological and environmental controls. Plant Biology 13:115-125.

· Ferrio J.P., Pou A., Florez-Sarasa I., Gessler A., Kodama N., Flexas J., Ribas-Carbó M. 2011. The Péclet effect on leaf water enrichment correlates with leaf hydraulic conductance and mesophyll conductance for CO2. Plant Cell and Environment   http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1365-3040.2011.02440.x/abstract.

· Ferrio J.P., Arab G., Buxó R., Guerrero E., Molist M., Voltas J., Araus J.L.  2011. Agricultural expansion and settlement economy in Tell Halula (Mid-Euphrates valley): a diachronic study from Early Neolithic to present.  Journal of Arid Environments   http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0140196311002850.

· Offermann C., Ferrio J.P., Holst J., Grote R., Siegwolf R., Kayler Z., Gessler A. 2011. The long way down-are carbon and oxygen isotope signals in the tree ring uncoupled from canopy physiological processes?  Tree Physiology  31:1088-1102.

· Aguilera M., Ferrio J.P., Pérez G., Araus J.L., Voltas J. 2011. Holocene changes in precipitation seasonality in the western Mediterranean Basin: a multi-species approach using d13C of archaeobotanical remains. Journal of Quaternary Science (published online) DOI: 10.1002/jqs.1533.

· Resco V., Ferrio J.P., Carreira J.A., Calvo L., Casals P., Ferrero-Serrano A., Marcos E., Moreno J.M., Ramírez D.A., Sebastià M.T., Valladares F.,Williams D.G. 2011 'The stable isotope ecology of terrestrial plant succession', Plant Ecology & Diversity, 1, (published online) doi: 10.1080/17550874.2011.576708.

· Aguilera M., Ferrio J.P., Araus J.L., Tarrús J., Voltas J. 2011. Climate at the onset of western Mediterranean agriculture expansion: Evidence from stable isotopes of sub-fossil oak tree rings in Spain . Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 13, 115-125.

· Holst J., Grote R., Offermann C., Ferrio J.P., Gessler A., Mayer H., Rennenberg H. 2009. Water fluxes within beech stands in complex terrain. International Journal of Biometeorology 54:23-36.

· Ruehr N.K., Offermann C.A., Gessler A., Winkler J.B., Ferrio J.P., Buchmann N., Barnard R.L.  2009. Drought effects on allocation of recent carbon: from beech leaves to soil CO2 efflux. New Phytologist 184:950-961.

· Ferrio J.P., Cuntz M., Offermann C., Siegwolf R., Saurer M., Gessler A. 2009 Effect of water availability on leaf water isotopic enrichment in beech seedlings shows limitations of current fractionation models. Plant, Cell and Environment (early view, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-3040.2009.01996.x)

· Aguilera M., Espinar C., Ferrio J.P., Pérez G., Voltas J. 2009. A map of autumn precipitation for the third millennium BP in the eastern Iberian Peninsula from charcoal carbon isotopes. Journal of Geochemical Exploration (en prensa, doi:10.1016/j.gexplo.2008.11.019)

· Gessler A., Tcherkez G., Karyanto O., Keitel C., Ferrio J.P., Ghashghaie J., Kreuzwieser J., Farquhar G.D. 2009. On the metabolic origin of the carbon isotope composition of CO2 evolved from darkened light-acclimated leaves in Ricinus communis. New Phytologist 181, 374-386.

· Kodama N., Barnard R.L., Salmon Y., Weston C., Ferrio J.P., Holst J., Werner R.A., Saurer M., Rennenberg H., Buchmann N., Gessler A. 2008. Temporal dynamics of the carbon isotope composition in a Pinus sylvestris stand: from newly assimilated organic carbon to respired carbon dioxide. Oecologia 156, 737-750.

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· Ferrio J.P., Mateo M.A., Bort J., Abdalla O., Voltas J., Araus J.L. 2007. Relationships of grain d13C and d18O with wheat phenology and yield under water-limited conditions. Annals of Applied Biology 150(29:207-215

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